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Activate Account Issues ?

You Created an account on our website, but you have been unable to log in ?,

Account verification required but you are not receiving email from our system ? 

Tried resetting your password, but still unsucessful ?

Easiest way to deal with this problem is either use another email address or simply send us a message with the chat application. Using the chat application we will be able to verify and manually confirm and activate your account. 


Want to Return or Exchange Something?

Please vist our Returns, Cancellations & Refunds section

Why the price of the product has changed ?

You have ordered a product and the price has changed?

DO NOT BE TROUBLED. Your booking price is confirmed and any increase will not affect your order.

Unfortunatelly as soon as the product is no longer available directly from the manufacturer we have to order extra quantities by local distributors. This has as result an increase in the price of the product.

This also affects products which are instock but come from different wholesale channels. As soon as our low price stock is depleted the product will be advertised with the higher price.    

Tips for customers

Always pre order close to the initial marketing date of the product to get the best price possible.  

Extreme cases of price changes

Please note in rare occasions a price increase may be due to the following reasons.

  • Increase of price by the manufacturers 
  • Dramatic change between the currency exchange rates USD to Euro 

In the above extreme cases the valid price will be the new price even if you have booked it at a lower one. 

Refused Packages Info

Package Refusal Help

Thinking of refusing a package -waaaait a minute! CONTACT US -we have super powers. If something isn't right with the package / order, we may be able to help you, and it will be faster than the time it takes to process a 'refused package' back into our warehouse. So please weigh your options before refusing a package, that may incur charges.

You Changed Your Mind

What?! Ok, ok, we understand. CONTACT US! We can help you return it through the proper channels. If you refuse a package in the EU, please know you will be responsible for all shipping charges. Once the collectible is back in warehouse, we will refund you -less any applicable return shipping charges and non-refundable deposits.

International Customers

If you refuse a package, resulting in the return and/or abandonment of your collectible you will still be responsible for all VAT Fees, Import fees, Return shipping costs and Abandonment fees. These fees will be deducted from your refund. If greater than the product(s) price, DarkSide Collectibles may bill you for the balance.

Ship Quotes / International Fees

We can provide you with a quote prior to the item shipping. If you are an international customer, we suggest that you also contact your local customs office for a quote on VAT or import fees as well.

Need a Replacement Part?

Give us the low down of what happened, and what part / piece you think you may need to remedy the issue / break.

To expedite the *possibility of a replacement, please share a few photos -close ups and full shots of the problem area / area to ensure our manufacturing partners engineers understand the situation.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but don't be shy, please share as much detail as you can in your Parts Request and we'll work with the manufacturer to do our best in order to make your collectible whole again


Light Up Function Isn't Working?

Come to the light...with a few troubleshooting suggestions that have worked for us in the past! Please be sure to perform the below suggestions while the piece is off.

Fresh batteries! It's rare, but sometimes the batteries included in the package may be dead on arrival.

Clean the Connections! Sometimes clear glossy paint can interfere with the electrical current. Examine and clean the connections by lightly applying some rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip and / or cleaning wipe.

Turn it on! Leave it on! After cleaning, reassemble your piece and turn it on, and leave it on for 10-20 minutes...sometimes it just needs time.


If this doesnt work please contact us and we will contact the manufacturer for a suitable solution. 

When Will My Pre-order Arrive?

All pre-order information is available in the product page Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA ) section.

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is provided by the manufacturer. Please note that the date is subject to change by the manufacturer.

We announce an Estimated Ship Date on the product page! The page will then update to display a specific month when the item leaves our manufacturing facilities on its way to our main warehouse

We send pre-order item updates via our Processing Notification email

UK EU and International customers receive tracking information once the order ships.

We do everything we can to ensure you receive your collectible. Please know, Darkside Collectibles is not responsible for email notifications that were not received due to outdated email, SPAM filter or an interruption of service.

Very Important Information about Pre Orders

Delays in the release of the products are responsibility of the manufacturers and Darkside collectibles has no control over it. 

Many manufacturers produce in batches (partial production) in those cases the porduct may have been released in USA for example but not in Europe. 

How can i pay for my order ?

We provide various payment methods for Full Payment, Deposit Payments or Flex Payments. 

Customers from United Kingdom can pay in GBP via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer to our Natwest Bank Account  

Customers from European Union can pay in Euros via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in Euro

Customers from the United States can pay in USD or Euro via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in USD

Customers from the rest of the world can pay in Euro or USD via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in Euro or USD 

Important information:

UK and EU Customers using PayPal will be charged with a 3% paypal commission fee 

Customers outside UK and EU using PayPal will be charged with a 5% paypal commission fee 

Problems checking out with Flex Pay ?

For correct use of the flex payment system please note that your cart must contain products that have the same number of installment options. 

For example two different products with 10 installments on each product.

If your cart contains a product with 10 flex payments and a product with 6 flex payments you will not be able to proceed to checkout.

For cases of different installment plans please use indivudual orders per product.

You wiil NOT be able to checkout with the following options

You cannot use a full payment product with an installment product

You cannot use a product of 3 installments with a product of 6 installments.

You cannot use an NRD Deposit option with a flex pay option. 

Please use individual orders for all above cases