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Ordering Information

Wholesale and Distribution

European Union shops for wholesale orders register your account and send us an email at . Your account will have to be checked and activated before any order can be placed. 

Rest of the world please contact us at

Retail Customers 

No matter where you live we have a dedicated section for you....We have created dedicated sections for customers inside The European Union, The UK, The USA and the Rest of The World

Please use the store locator provided, set by default to European Union, on the Top Right side of our website or on the top of the page on your mobile phone or tablet.

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We have tried to make it as simple as possible to order from our website. We follow the conventions of most major websites, payment is by most credit cards such as VISA MasterCard, Paypal & Bank Transfer.

Customers from United Kingdom can pay in GBP via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer to our Natwest Bank Account  

Customers from European Union can pay in Euros via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in Euro

Customers from the United States can pay in USD or Euro via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in USD

Customers from the rest of the world can pay in Euro or USD via Credit Card VISA or Mastercard, Debit Cards, PayPal or by Bank Transfer in Euro or USD 

Important information:

UK and EU Customers using PayPal will be charged with a 3% paypal commission fee 

Customers outside UK and EU using PayPal will be charged with a 5% paypal commission fee 

Customers from USA and Canada there are no import taxes to all insured orders up to 1200 USD per order.   


Darkside Collectibles offers free shipping on selected products to all United Kingdom and all mainland European Union countries. 

Insurance is optional and is not included in the free shipping offer. 

Insurance is optional and is not included in the shipping. 

As insurance is optional and comes with extra cost Purchasers are solely responsible if they want to insure their order or not.

No warranties apply to products shipped without insurance.Purchaser is responsible for applying insurance to his order. If the Purchaser doesnt insure his order and the order arrives damaged or is lost the company is not responsible for reimbursements or claims. 

Darkside Collectibles will ship your order in the address provided in the order booking page on the date of the purchase. For any change in the delivery address please contact our customer service. Even if you have updated your account profile address this will not update the address on an older order placed in our system.

Please note that for PayPal payments your order delivery address and PayPal delivery address needs to be the same.


About Stock Status

In Stock Items

In Stock items ship within 1-7 working days.

Pre Order Items

Pre Order items are items that are scheduled to be released by the manufacturers in the near future. Due to the limited edition of many of the items a non refundable deposit is required of all Pre orders. Note that the estimated time of arrival is determined by the manufacturers and we have no control on this.

Temporarily Backordered Items / PRE ORDER RESTOCKING

Temporarily Backordered Items are items that are temporarily out of stock. As all orders are in a first come first served basis all orders are processed as the item is a pre order (by paying an NRD) and it will be shipped as soon as the item reaches our warehouse and of course the customers has taken care of all payments. In many occasions due to the limited quantity of items, temporarily backordered items status change from temporarily backordered to sold out therefore we advise our customers to proceed to their orders as soon as possible to avoid later disappointment.

Sold out Items

Sold out items are units that can no longer be found in the world market in brand new condition.

Sold out at Pre order

Many limited editions are such fast sellers that get sold out prior their release date. In this case the manufacturer is not accepting any more pre orders thus we cannot accept any more pre orders.


Ordering from our Armory

  • By placing an order from the armory, you accept the following terms:
  • I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.
  • I understand that I am ordering a weapon that is made of steel, and that will not be held responsible for any injuries from the weapon.
  • I certify that I have checked with customs and law enforcement in my country, and that import and possession of the item I am ordering does not violate any laws in my country.
  • I understand that my country may impose duties on merchandise, for which I am solely responsible.
  • I acknowledge that if the item that I am ordering is refused by customs, and therefore undeliverable, I remain responsible for shipping costs, including return shipping and handling.
  • I acknowledge that if the item that I am ordering is seized by customs, my money for the item and shipping cannot and will not be refunded due to the package being unrecoverable.

DarkSide Price List

DarkSide reserves the right to make changes in the pricelist of the products & make special offers at any time . These price changes do not affect orders already placed in our system.