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Flexible Payments

Now all our customers can enjoy flexible payment plans 

Our members can enjoy multiple installments depending the status of the product (in stock or pre order).

How it works

On each product's page choose the Flex Payment option and check the available installments. Choose the most suitable and proceed to check out.

We accept Flex Payments with the following methods.

All major Credit Cards - No fees apply.

PayPal - Typical PayPal fee applies (3% for UK/EU Customers - 5% for Rest of the World)

Please Note That:

  1. For correct use of the flex payment system please note that your cart must contain products that have the same number of installment options. For example 10 installments. If your cart contains a product with 10 flex payments and a product with 6 flex payments you will not be able to proceed to checkout. For cases of different installment plans please use indivudual orders per product.
  2. Please note that our primary currency is in EURO and all flex payments will be invoiced in Euro no matter the region you are located. For GBP and USD variations may occur based on the currency exchange rate.

  3. We charge 0% APR.  All installments are interest Free. 
  4. The FLEX PAY service excludes specific Items.
  5. If Shipping / Posting costs apply they will be added at the final installment. 
  6. Products will Post as soon as all installments are paid.


Due to the increased administrative costs of the Flex Pay option, DarkSide Collectibles Studio will charge Flex Pay customers a cancellation fee when a flex pay order is canceled by the customer. The cancellation fee would be the first installment Non Refundable Deposit plus an administrative fee of 10% of the value of the product.
If you already paid a NRD (non-refundable deposit) and then you decided to go with an installment plan, that will serve as your cancellation fee. 


Fee chart

Flex Pay In Stock Items: In case of cancellation of your order a 20% of the value of the product will apply as Non Refundable cancellation penalty.

Flex Pay Pre Order Items: The Non Refundable Deposit associated with the product will be charged in case of cancellation of your order (Typically 20% of the value of the product).  

In all cases of cancellation of your flex pay order an administrative fee of 10% of the value of the product will apply on top of the already placed Non Refundable Deposit fees 

By choosing the Flex Pay option when placing your order, you will be agreeing to pay any applicable cancellation fee. This is clearly noted on the item’s ordering page as well as during check out. We strongly suggest that you read the terms before agreeing to the contract. By choosing 'Flex Pay', you agreed to pay any applicable cancellation fees as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Credit card companies or any other financial institution (i.e. Paypal) submitting a dispute to DarkSide Collectibles will be given a copy of this legal agreement, which results in a dismissal of the dispute. Also, any accounts with pending charge backs will be disabled to avoid further billing and shipping issues while all concerns are resolved.